Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Fashion art direction student project - multimedia, film and stills


Bobbie, Elena and Camilla presenting thier project to the class last week 

© Bobbie Tree UK -  Elena Vela Rey - Camilla Giannini

I was very pleased with the outcome of this project - the students Bobbie, Elena and Camilla, did not know each other before the course and working as a team were able to devise their fashion image ideas into something commercial with the integrity of art that communicates across a multi media platform at the same time bringing the inanimate clothing to life injecting a simple attainable aspirational glamour.

Simple ideas are the best if executed well

Film is the future, still images are of course still valid but film brings things to life and communicates fashion on a higher level simply because it grabs our attention - can stop us in our tracks and communicates 3 dimensionally. 10 seconds is all one needs!

Take a look at the films and then at the stills and you ask yourself which you feel is more interesting?

Art Direction by Elena Vela Rey, Camilla Giannini and Bobbie Tree

Creative Direction by Schelay McCarter - originator and tutor of 10 week short course called  'Art Direction for Fashion' at CSM, Granary Square London 

This Fashion Art Direction concept called 'Textures in motion' was conceived for use across a multi media platform of film, digital media formats and stills over the 10 week course at CSM. 

Managed over 4 stages, this original idea will be taken to stage 5, by Bobbie, Camilla and Elena, their idea will progressed to a higher level using a professional model and creative team.

Here is the link to the course, it runs online and onsite


copy Schelay McCarter - ©fashiontent

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Cost Effective studio shoot ideas - sports Luxe look

great camera angles and fantastic styling. 
How to wear sports luxe sheer

A great look - very wearable and the pose shows off the texture of the clothes.
The make- up glow on her face makes her look like she has worked out.

Note the paper shadow right of her leg - this is done in a studio using nothing more than the cloud paper printed back drop and white panel boards - CLEVER and very effective.

studio lighting makes it look like she is in the sun - sunglasses perfect detail 

Great camera angles - so modern and model anchored by composition - fab!

Spring cleaning has revealed this shoot I kept filed away. The rejected pile of tear outs currently in the bin for recycling. An example of how to create a shoot strategy in a studio using simple tools. 

Copy Schelay McCarter