Thursday, 30 March 2017



This morning Caroline Rush CBE, CEO of the British Fashion Council and Professor Christopher Moore, Director of the British School of Fashion, Glasgow Caledonian University launched the British Fashion Council’s British High-End Manufacturers Database. The national database of UK-based manufacturers aims to make it easier for designers to form supply chain relationships and reach production units. The British High-End Manufacturers Database is the first milestone of 2017 for the BFC’s Positive Fashion initiative.
In March 2015 the BFC and a working group comprising of M&S, UKFT, Creative Skillset, The Alliance Project and Centre for Fashion Enterprise worked alongside independent specialists in the sector to launch the High-end and Designer Manufacturing Report. The need for a database of audited UK manufacturers was highlighted as a direct result of this report, for which research was undertaken by Glasgow Caledonian University and Oxford University.
The Database is free to use and will sit as part of the BFC Designer Fact File, a dynamic designer business learning platform providing insights and training across a wide spectrum of topics. The topics covered are tailored to a range of business stages, from start-ups to established brands, and content is provided by leading industry professionals. In stage 1, the initial manufacturers recommended for the British High-End Manufacturers Database were sourced through designer recommendations as well as through research done for the HEDM Report. Moving forward in stage 2, the BFC will conduct a full audit of all manufacturers listed and the database will grow organically as designers and BFC partners recommend further manufacturers, and as suppliers come forward to submit themselves for listing.
Throughout 2017 and beyond the BFC looks to celebrate Positive Fashion best practice in the industry by direct example and through facilitating processes for change. Through the Positive Fashion initiative the BFC hopes to encourage designer businesses to prioritise sustainability and ethical practices. The three key focuses for Positive Fashion in 2017 are Sustainability, Diversity & Industry Education (including model health) and Local Manufacturing and Craftsmanship.

The British Fashion Council would like to thank Positive Fashion lead partner (2013-2016) M&S for their commitment to the initiative and their passion for developing and celebrating best practice in our industry.

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Student Work - Unlikely Pairings Part 2 - The Presentation

Here is Patricia Yzenga and Ali Estrada's fashion editorial Narrative presentation - they the girls have focused on a truly aspirational selection of professionals for their wish list team. 

Giving a choice of two photograoher and models from top london agencies this well conceived idea would be able to go live once availability of the team was confirmed and the magazines fashion editor had given a thumbs up.

© Alejanfra Estrada ( Spain ) & Patricia Yzenga ( Mexico City) 

Student Project Work - Shoot - Unlikely Pairings - LOVE magazine

This photoshoot for Love Magazine shot at the Barbican 2 weeks ago, was conceived over a 10 week evening class on my CSM Art Direction for Fashion short course.
I was really pleased with the proactive approach of Patricia Ynzenga and Alejandra Estradaboth working under a very tight deadline and dependant on the test shoot team volunteering their time. Using their own styling talents the girls worked to an organised and creative format to create their fashion editorial narrative. 
The girls sourced their team using the class facebook page ( art direction for fashion csm london) as well pulling together other contacts of theirs.
The aspirational wish list presentation the girls put together will be posted next here on fashiontent.

© Patricia Yzenga and Alejandra Estrada

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Theo vii studio AW 17/18 London Fashion Week - Fashion Scout @ Freemasons’ Hall

In the world of Shamanism theo vii studio’s AW 2017 collection is a homage to a path that each Shaman takes on to grow in experiences and fortunate spirits. Such a retrospective of cross-dimensional travels has been bravely captured by the trio of designers, Miao Ho, Yu Ding and Tan Xue Yi, who fused textures, silhouettes, colours and energies in a high-class innovative manner. Tribal head-neck accessories, tassels, sequins and reflective beading techniques were spiritually uplifting jackets, multi-length dresses and tailoring to celebrate all the places a Shaman has ever travelled to.
Coupling that powerful spirit of exploration was a Freemasons Hall interior with models
fast-walking to ‘Freedom’, paying a tribute to another Shaman, his never-ending journey and all the talismans he has shared with us via music (and fashion moments)!

Copy and photos by Magdalena Pokorska pls credit

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Monday, 20 February 2017

ALEXIS CARBALLOSA – UNBOUND: London fashion week AW2017/18

Presented by Fashion Scout - Freemasons’ Hall, February 19th London Fashion Week Day 3 

The inspiration behind Carballosa’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was clear to see. Described as “the relationship between the depth of the exotic underwater world and the limitless universe,” the theme was captured through the designer’s use of colour, movement, and embellishments, as well as the fabric textures and lustres. 

Extravagantly embellished sleeves were featured throughout the collection, showcased brilliantly through Carballosa’s signature use of gossamer fabrics, which were also used to add extraordinary volume to the pieces, as well as to create both exaggerated asymmetrical, and classic feminine silhouettes.  

Adding to the exotic underwater motif of the show, models took the catwalk in a very restful, noticeably slow pace. As well, models in specific garments were seen to hold their skirt trains out behind them, and lightly sway them as they walked in order to create extra movement and to accentuate the fluidity of the pieces.  

Wet ocean tousled strands of hair lining the face, along with intricate one of a kind headpieces that looked to be inspired by coral and seaweed adorned each model and added a certain je ne sais quoi to compliment the entire collection. 

With thanks to Cara Rutledge for copy and photos - pls credit 

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