Sunday, 5 December 2010

Madrid Winter Street Fashion

This girl looked great, her bag is Ben Sherman with Union Jack! fluted black wool coat with belt over jeans with checked gloves, note the patent heeled shoes worn with skinny jeans, very chic!

Madrid camel coats worn with trousers, a great sense of style

Same women from the back ....

Dam! I missed getting a frontal shot of these two, but the back is just as interesting, the quilted coat was a key Madrid Winter coat look, for sale in most Spanish shops without exception. The ankle mid calf or high boots a staple in Winter weather worn with skinny jeans or thick tights as we see here.
I like her irreverent layering and the cosy scarf and hat 
Animal print ( esp Leopard) was in almost every shop I went into,  a key look for winter, worn with style here ...
The duvet coat, worn with skinny leather trousers ! to be found in low mid and high price Spanish shops...

The black Duvet coat was popular and warm, a Zara staple seller  I imagine.......!

A great look, skinny leggings with cosy boots and a black felt hat - all the right proportions and combinations - looks effortlessly chic, I like the big black bag too

This photo explains why so many of my shots are from behind - mother is not happy but daughter is wearing a key Spanish footwear trend, Hunters boots or copies were worn often, and were represented in the shoe shops , some Wellies even having wedge heels... - great for walking the dog in a city too as they can be washed down so easily, didn't notice many poop scoops!  

This is how to wear a short coat - see right, note comfortable shoes , taken on a day when the weather had gone below freezing!

Classic boots, like the colour contrast and shape of big bag - a key Winter look 
Real fur was worn everywhere by a certain age group - the young tended to wear fake, I saw some beautiful fur coats.
I liked this bohemian cape, a cool look and probably her own design, 'make your own' is clearly a Madrid pass time as the fabric shops looked very prosperous and busy, with a fantastic selection of fabrics to choose from...

A typical Madrid Winter look, jeans worn with boots being the most popular.

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