Sunday, 2 October 2016

London Fashion Week SS17 Manuel Facchini by Evie Blackburn

All photos © Evie Blackburn for fashiontent

Manuel Facchini
Spring/ Summer 17

Fluidity and aquatic resemblance brought tranquility to the ICA, The Mall on the evening of day three LFW, as Manuel Facchini presented his newest collection of Underwater Couture. The low lighting and movement of the models as they swayed to the hypnotic soundtrack really emphasised Facchini’s influence from water and sea life.

The contrast between structure brought forward by the daring designs and the calm portrayal of femininity and sea creatures was executed without fault, transporting any viewer to an enchanting environment. The designs were brought to life with the use of detailed embroidery, lace, and layering to suggest fins, and to enhance the movement on the stage.

In the center of the set stood a rotating table with a mirror dividing it in two. The models took turn to stand on each side of this partition and gaze into their reflection. Combining the white spotlights with the soft colours of black, green, pink, silver and blue created a psychedelic impression, as the models transformed before our eyes.

Copy and photos by Evie Blackburn for Fashiontent

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