Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Ivana Basilotta - London Fashion Week

Nik and I met Ivana at LFW last Tuesday in the Ethethica zone of the show exhibition. We were very impressed with her brand image - photographed by Paul Weaver the brand has a feminine and refined image, very much like Ivana herself who is designer and creative director.

Nik and I are looking forward to working with Ivana on developing her website design further and enhancing the brands market presence.

Ivana is entirely dedicated to the best in Eco-sustainable contemporary high fashion. The silk she uses is organic peace-silk also known as Vegetarian silk. Ivana Basilotta is a luxurious woman's wear brand.
Ivana Basilotta is a label that uses Eco, natural and organic fabrics. The labels organic fabrics suppliers are certified according to the Eco-text standard. They use manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, Turkey and India. They use the craftsmanship of local artisans and work with small manufacturers and suppliers. All the manufactures they use pay fair wages and do not use child labour. Peace silk is manufactured in a process where silkworms are not killed. The moths emerge from their cocoons to live out their full life cycle. This is the best silk for warmth and therapeutic use, it is rare and not commercially available apparently.

What is even better than all this is that the clothes all in gorgeous colours and shapes look great and are beautifully made, check out www.ivanabasilotta.co.uk you will be impressed with her collection.

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