Thursday, 4 March 2010

Livia Firth - From Somewhere - Green Catwalk

Livia Firth visited many of the same designers as Nik and I. She was wearing the above dress from 'From Somewhere' see . The label is Italian and has some very stylish offerings.

Based in London and produced in Italy and the UK, From Somewhere makes clothes that take into account the balance between consumption and disposal.

They have access to the factory rejects that they then customize en-mass and create a new look. The volume I was told is up to 400 of one dress design. Re -cycling and up-cycling the fabric and off cuts can create great and very wearable clothes - see above

"We discover forgotten beauties and make them our own"

Colin and Livia Firth opened their eco shop called Eco Age in Chiswick in Feb 2008. The shop offers home furnishings, energy saving gadgets and clothes judging by the fact that Olivia Firth has been doing a Vogue blog on the Green Catwalk. The three story shop had renovations done to make it as sustainable as possible with recycled wood flooring and furnishings and solar energy panels to make it self sufficient energy wise

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