Saturday, 13 November 2010

IKEA - Fashion line - why not?

Get someone like Mathew Williamson to design a collection 

Bespoke summer frocks from Ikea, dress patterns please too

It is a mystery to me that Ikea has never developed a fashion brand too
Lovely photography

Ikea is a flat pack success story..... we all love to hate the maze like shopping experience and we are happy to queue for ages in line and carry our goods off in brown paper bags or stagger across the car park with huge flat packed boxes in a shopping trolley! ...because Ikea produces good design at a reasonable price ne's pas? 

Well how about a nice little frock in a 70s floral pattern or a 'cloth kits' like 'sew your own' Ikea outfit made on a sewing machine also bought there .... come on Ikea we can buy curtain fabric from you why not fabulous frock fabric too.

Watch this space, only a matter of time I hope.....

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