Thursday, 19 May 2011

EGOISTE - Kiera Knightly

New recently published copy- sold out in a few days

Ellen von Unwerth photography

Natalie Vodianova
Isabella Adjani

The rise of the 'collectable magazine' in this age of digitalisation is an interesting phenomenon. This trend is lead by the Egoiste. It took nearly five years for this recent copy with Keira Knightly on the front cover to be published because the editor Nicole Wisniak only consents to printing once she is happy it is aesthetically pleasing enough. 
The Egoiste has been published only 16 times since 1977. Costing 35 euros the print run of 25,000 was insufficient to meet demand and sold out in a few days.  
The elusiveness of this magazine gives it cache - like a limited edition Art print the Egoiste's value is in it's rarity. It is an upmarket magazine with a scarcity of advertising.
The first copy she produced when she was penniless and still living with her parents featured elusive photos of Mick Jagger by Helmut Newton.
It is no surprise to me that Louis Vuitton with Marc Jacobs at the helm is the only advertising apart from Dyson in the magazine. Jacobs who is an avid art collector, on a personal crusade to create commercial objects with the collect ability of art work is the perfect connection for the Wisniak vision. Louis Vuitton gave her free reign to do as she wished with the brand. This freedom of advertising constraints allows more editorial freedom perhaps, as there is no need to Cow tow to the big name fashion brands in the editorial fashion shoots. It also gives the magazine gravitas as there is an admirable integrity like that of an artist who refuses to conform adhering with stubborn loyalty to the purity of their art form.
The Egoiste (meaning Selfish in french) pitches itself up there as a luxury item in parallel with Couture. It is an expression of Nicole Wisniak's intellectualisation of the here and now from her own perspective. She has created a symbol of unrivalled cerebral chic coveted by many. Hot property a back copy can go for 700 euros on the internet.  

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