Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Debbie Harry - Original Punk Priestess

In her band called Blondie, Debbie Harry found fame relatively late in life at the age of 41 with hit single Heart of Glass. Everyone of a certain age group wanted to look like her, her fashion verve and uber cool style had global influence. A pioneer of beauty and empowerment for female rock musicians she paved the way for artists such as Annie Lennox, Chrisie Hind, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga

Still performing - Debbie Harry today in the extraordinary razor blade dress designed by Michael Schmidt


Heart of glass was was number one in the UK in 1979 - 

Debbie Harry and her friends hung out at times with Andy Warhol, Eddie Sedgwick and Velvet Underground and were part of the underground music scene in New York. The Punk movement emerging in the UK with Vivienne Westwood and Malcombe McClaren was growing in influence at this time eventually becoming main stream and commercial. Ideas Westwood originated such as safety pin dresses made out of black bin liners were ultimately developed by couturiers such as Gianni Versace who in 1994 designed the famous safety pin dress that is widely credited in launching Elizabeth Hurley's career when she wore it to the premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant. I could write a very long post about the influence of punk on fashion but I haven't got time!!

It was an amazing dress - a true fashion moment.

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