Sunday, 5 June 2011

Emma Watson - Lancome and Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance

Emma today photographed for The Times on Sunday by Tom Munro. She is on a terms break from Ivy League Browns University in Providence Rhode Island United States to work for Lancome as ambassadress for the brand and also to star as the face of Lancome's Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance.

Tres chic Emma outside The Ritz Paris May 9th for the launch of Lancome's Tresor Midnight Rose fragrance. 

Glastonbury 2010 - she looks great here - love the way she has styled herself...

Emma now 21 was born in Paris and moved back to the UK aged five when her two Lawyer parents divorced. She says she matured very early because of this.
She got her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter when she was nine!

Emma just last year at the Glastonbury festival with then new boyfriend and now ex boyfriend George Craig who she met doing the Burberry brand campaign with photographer Mario Testino

Is she happy in her own skin yet? - I think she still has a way to go before she accepts who she is and what being in the Potter films has meant to her life. Prone to be shy and self critical Emma went to Browns University in the USA to find normality - will she ever find it after her charmed foray into mass media and the fame that she has reluctantly had to accept? One forgets that being behind a camera with only a film crew watching enjoying the camaraderie of fellow actors and actresses is very far removed from the impact and exposure a successful films viewing in front of millions of people world wide inevitably has - Emma was an ordinary girl before all this and so very young when she signed that golden contract for the Potter films. She was maybe too young to realise what she was letting herself in for. Emma Watson doesn't come from a show biz family like Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Keira Knightly who have one or more actor parents and therefore have the awareness that goes with that world.  
She has afirmed in the Sunday Times article with Giles Hattersley that she has started to embrace her fame and representing the Harry Potter generation ....taking on high profile fashion brands such as Lancome is one way to show this is the case. Americans applaud success such as Emma's - perhaps being State side has made her realise that she is who she is like it or not and that to go with the flow and enjoy it is the way to go.
The last Harry Potter film comes out in July and Emma will come of age in a world receptive to her talent and humility - a good combination of qualities I would say.

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