Saturday, 23 July 2011

1920's style tonight in London - what a gas!

It is de riguer to go to stylish themed parties in London at the moment !

London’s illustrious Prohibition night is being revived in magnificent fashion tonight Hidden away from the prying eyes of police, this beautiful West End location will be filled with flappers and dandies surreptitiously quaffing bootlegged booze, dancing the Charleston and trying their hand at Roulette. Having become one of the most sensational parties in London, July’s event promises to be another exciting foray into the glamorous 1920s when contraband and the Charleston were the order of the evening.
Check out my review later.
If you want ideas of a modern fabulous take on 1920's fashion check out the film of the musical The Boy Friend - written by Sandy Wilson and directed by Ken Russel the costumes look amazing on style icon Twiggy in her prime when the film was made in 1971.

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