Sunday, 27 November 2011

Scarlett Johansen for Moet Champagne- festive cheer is here!

I really like this advertising campaign shot of Scarlett Johansen for Moet Champagne. 
She is dressed simply in a gown that has presence and fills the space well. Framing her with Champagne flutes balanced precariously whilst she poses on the ladder in a provocative position gives the shot energy and an edginess that is attention arresting and reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in the film Gentle Men Prefer Blonds or Grace Kelly in the film classic High Society. The difference being that we are not interested in seeing people dripping in diamonds in 2011 in a world recession, the reference is that she will indeed be adorned in them later - the glamour comes from the fact that she looks fabulous without them and her tousled hair and simple red lipstick is enough .....

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