Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Fashion City Sleuth - Verona Vintage treasures

The shop owners Chanel shoe boots looked great
The Vintage designer shop I found in Verona at the weekend

Find this amazing Vintage shop on Via Quattro Spade

Note the Purple Dior Alligator skin hand bag

Glamourous merchandise of the highest cache quality
Vintage Chanel evening bag and belt

Note the size 40 Chanel shoes - a snip at 1900 Euros worn once apparently

Original Chanel Dresses and Jackets, shoes and bags  

Vintage Dress Pucci
Karl Lagerfeld Jacket
Skin at Salma Hayak's wedding to Francois Henri Pinault

Verona is a city that surprises. I have been to Rome, Venice, Tourino and Firenze all lovely cities to explore but none of them as intimate and friendly as Verona. Our flight out went very quickly as we found ourselves sitting next to Skin the lead singer of British Rock band Skunk Anansie, never to forget a face I struck up a conversation with her with my friend. Clearly very tired she and her band had just finished recording their latest Album in London well into the early hours and was on her way to Italy for her Wedding which will take place in a few weeks at an exclusive and very secret location that I promised I would not reveal. Skin is very fashion savvy however she really doesn't like to do press and keeps herself very private, however she said that she may well give me an exclusive shot of her Wedding outfit, so watch this space.
We all know about 'Virginia' the fabulous vintage shop in Notting Hill, where the likes of John Galliano and many other designers love to have a good rumage for inspiration don't we? It is located in 'The Cross' near the uber cool boutique of the same name frequented by Claudia Schiffer and the other Yummy Mummy set. This little shop I found at 22 Via Quattro Spade in Verona on Saturday is just that kind of place too. If you are a particular fan of Chanel there are masses of original pieces to add to your collection. Appointment only we were lucky enough to pass the shop just as the owner was finishing with a client - I particularly liked the vintage Pucci dress above, a classic design and timeless in it's appeal. Sadly it was the  wrong size! 

copy Schelay McCarter

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