Friday, 6 April 2012

Fashion City Sleuth -Maison Scotch in Verona

An interesting visual merchandising concept
The logo a classic type face similar to Ralph Lauren!

Loved the T shirts - very good quality cotton

The video here is great - reflects the easy going lifestyle the brand wants to sell

Born in Amsterdam Holland this cool preppy brand stood out in the smart shopping street of Via Cattaneo in Verona Italy. In the same customer demographic category as Aubin and Wills, the look is cool and laid back with the European grungy well heeled assumption of understated cache the preppy brands like to portray. Hilfiigger is neat and contained in comparison, Maison Scotch is free and edgy with frayed edges and quality fabric and finishing. 
I like the visual merchandising and was attracted into the store because it looked different. The logo is a classic serif. Calling itself 'couture' is an interesting and for me somewhat inaccurate description of the product. However it is trying to attract a higher end consumer who has the means to buy into this market. The branding photography image of capturing a aspirational lifestyle moment was effective. Maison Scotch has a world wide presence it will be interesting to see the New York branch when I am there in September after London Fashion Week.

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