Friday, 8 June 2012

New York Manhattan Luxury store Barney's leads in clever etailing onsite shopping trend

A wealthy Chinese shopper makes the most of her time at Barney's where in the restaurant at the top of the store there are interactive iPad like screens set into the table top where lunch or coffee can be ordered and whilst you wait more shopping can be done from the store online. 
Barney's visual merchandising was impressive

The view from the Barney's restaurant balcony over exclusive uptown real estate

Barney's sale floor ! not that busy in all the top top end stores I visited!

view down onto the street at side of Barneys off 5th Avenue, no one with any sense has a car in New York,  it is a parking lot in the rush hour as can be seen below!

shopping made easy in Barney's using the newest and chicest ecommerce technology

Enlarge, check out, click and buy....! eshopping heaven made easy!

Copy and Photos by Schelay Mccarter - pls credit

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