Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Paraguay Street trends Editorial - Sportswear as Daywear strong trend tip for future

Constanza a Fashion Editor for 'La Factory' magazine from Paraguay was on one of my online Art Direction for Fashion courses recently for St Martins London. 
She explained to me that Paraguay is starved of the top end Fashion brands such as Gucci, Dior and Chanel because the country is emerging slowly as an economic attraction to outside investment - however  Paraguay this year was one of the fastest growing South American economies apparently, so this may well change....

Constanza chose street fashion for her shoot combining sports brands and high street names to create a 'cool' styling take on Urban tribal fashion using Banksy like street art as a back drop....

Sportswear as day wear is tipped to be a strong trend in Europe, already made cool by Stella McCartney incorporating many of the high tech fabrics and styling features found on Sportwear into her ready to wear collections.... 

Copy Schelay McCarter


  1. love this course! hope to see you in summer!

  2. The light and the colours look amazing!

  3. I've been long overdue for a Barata Sportswear look, not because I don't love this trend, it's because I couldn't find the right pieces that meshed with my style. My first attempt at wearing leather track pants ended up in a total disaster.