Sunday, 19 March 2017

Student Project Work - Shoot - Unlikely Pairings - LOVE magazine

This photoshoot for Love Magazine shot at the Barbican 2 weeks ago, was conceived over a 10 week evening class on my CSM Art Direction for Fashion short course.
I was really pleased with the proactive approach of Patricia Ynzenga and Alejandra Estradaboth working under a very tight deadline and dependant on the test shoot team volunteering their time. Using their own styling talents the girls worked to an organised and creative format to create their fashion editorial narrative. 
The girls sourced their team using the class facebook page ( art direction for fashion csm london) as well pulling together other contacts of theirs.
The aspirational wish list presentation the girls put together will be posted next here on fashiontent.

© Patricia Yzenga and Alejandra Estrada

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