Friday, 25 June 2010

Wimbledon 2010 Day Four fashion fix

Sharapova in her rose petal dress looked very elegant and almost balletic when she played, easily beating her opponent in straight sets.

Wedges were popular yesterday.....

I have randomly photographed the best dressed I saw on my wanderings around Wimbledon village between matches.
The dress at Wimbledon was predominantly comfort led and casual, shorts or skirts with t shirts, light summer dresses, flat sandals were everywhere, the gladiator sandal being the most popular. Higher shoes when worn were wedged.
Hats in the form of the Panama, the Trilby, the Cow Boy hat and Boho floppy were everywhere in all shapes and sizes. The fact that the sun beats down onto the courts with little or no shade has made the hat a must at Wimbledon.
The maxi dress hailed as a trend led success this summer was present and popular. It was mostly worn with flat gladiator sandals.

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