Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Lifestyle trends and aspirations .....

I found this wonderful shop Rosie Bobbin in Haworth in the Yorkshire Dales last week. Haworth is the birth place of Emily and Charlotte Bronte, the famous writers of Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. The old rectory where they were brought up and where they wrote their world famous books is fascinating to see. Sewing, needle work and embroidery were very much part of a gentle woman's daily routine then. The 1970s is the decade on trend this season with the flared trouser taking centre stage, it was also the decade of a revivalist interest in hand crafts such as crocheting and knitting, and also a time where we did sew and make our own clothes using 'Vogue' and 'Simplicity' patterns bought from John Lewis along with the fabric. Now it would appear sewing your own as well as growing your own is very much back in fashion in 2010. The yearning for a time where one could make and bake and had time to do so has been building up for the last few years, even if you don't - you want to look like you do. This simple little shop says it all and makes me want to get out my old sewing machine and make a dress or at least a cushion cover! maybe I will! if I have time!

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  1. this is a wonderful shop, i love the fact that its a hidden gem in this amazingly cute village