Sunday, 22 August 2010

Student show case - Top shop Girls

I want to show you this simple yet very effective brand photography marketing concept an Italian student of mine called Lia created on my summer art direction course for Top Shop Girls.
I liked the clever way she took adults trends and styled them for girls. The silhouettes and shapes are natural and simple and adapt perfectly to the 'mini me' Top Shop Girl.
She found that it was hard to find many good kids model agencies - 'truly Scrumptious' being one of the best
I would also have liked this shoot to have been developed to include the 'yummy mummy' market and to get a Top Shop Family / lifestyle feel working here too - I also think there is lots of potential to develop sub collections such as Christmas / Party wear 'mini me' concepts for the festive season ahead.
Hope you are reading this Mr Green!

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