Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mad Men - style influence has had big impact on fashion community

50s poise
women stood tall and confidently - see Louis Vuitton camapign
two styles from the same era style  fitted and sexy, or other cute and college like, hate to say it think Sandy in Film Musical Grease and her transformation from bobby soxer to vamp!!! 
The style
groomed and coiffured  
The career woman, the wife, the vamp/geezer bird 50s style 
fitted, lady like and sexy

This American TV series about the advertising agencies on Madison Avenue set in the 1950s has had an unexpected influence on style aspirations in 2010. If you look back to my previous blog you can see that the Louis Vuitton brand campaign has certain style similarities and that Prada's  AW 2010 collection was lady like, fitted, sexy and 1950s inspired.
I would recommend any of you out there interested in fashion and social history and Art Direction to watch it, that is if you haven't already, rather like Marmite you will either love it or ......... 
Series 4 moving into the mid 1960s is on at the moment in the UK on Wednesday nights on BBC4 and repeated on iplayer.

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