Sunday, 17 October 2010

Louis Vuitton Advertising this season

Though the girls are looking out of the shot on left and right the arms point us back in so it works, there is a connection between them, the body language works.
love Natalia Portman's pose so Mad Men
Less effective as a product shot - looking away the models looked bored and disenchanted!
body language less successful here, though the clothes look great...
A perfect product shot, what do you think is the most important focus of this shot?
Looking into camera the girls grab our attention, compare with above and make your own mind up!

Now imagine how wonderful this SS2011 collection will look in the advertising campaign with the bags as we have seen above for AW2010. click on above link to see the full collection in action.

Louis Vuitton Lifestyle
Bono and wife in Africa for Louis Vuitton looking like they are in  a remake of the The English Patient!

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