Saturday, 1 January 2011

Photographer David Handley & Burning Man festival

Photographer David Handley who recently came into St Martins  as a guest speaker on my course to talk to my students and give advice on art direction from a photographer's point of view has put together a beautiful collection of photographs taken in 2009 at the Burning Man festival,( not above photos though, I am hoping he will let me post some of them here later)
David Handley's main specialism is children's fashion. Brilliant with children he works regularly for Vogue Bambini and Junior, as well as high street main players Next, M&S, Monsoon and other international brands.

Burning Man Festival is a huge annual event that takes place in the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. For eight days participants are removed from their ordinary lives and challenged to express themselves and create art. Host to a music, dance and human extravaganza, Burning Man began in 1986. In 2008, more than 48,000 people showed up for the festival. Last year the festival theme was Metropolis. Beware the sand storms though, goggles are de rigueur and essential!!

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