Friday, 14 January 2011

Versace Spring/Summer brand campaign 2011

This is a great brand campaign using Mad Men actress January Jones. It firmly establishes who the Versace woman is, that is sexy, confident and successful. It sells the core money spinners for high end brands in volume sales ie hand bags and sunglasses very well. As a set of photographs it stands out amongst the competition, almost all of which use their clothing merchandise in their campaigns, which is fine however for me if everyone is doing a vaguely similar thing as I flick through a magazine I switch off. 
January Jones may be naked however the overall impression is classy and tasteful. This is a superb collection of commercial images with a feel of art - which is in my opinion what all good advertisers should aim for.
My brand photo quality test is would you go and see these in an exhibition in the White Cube gallery? - in this case the answer is an emphatic yes!  
I wonder who took the photos? Answer: Mario Testino, thank you Suky and Georgia.

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