Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Prada dress blatantly ripped off in Rome

Check out this brilliant fashion film for the Prada Spring Summer 2011 collection. 

Original dress on the catwalk last September

This is the ripped off dress blatantly shown in the window of Sandro Ferrone in Rome last week. As you can see it has a different stripe colour distribution but is the same in essence. Sandro Ferrone prices are the same as Top Shop, maybe slightly more expensive. Sandro Ferrone operates as a franchise retailer and the sales assistants clearly work on commission as they were around me like a rash when I went inside the store to have a look. The quality looked okay, however check out the uneven seam connection on the attached frill at the base of the striped Prada dress copy in the window, not straight at all! I can't believe that they featured the dress in a brand photo too!

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  1. not to say that Zara also copied this collection
    most hated collection of the year is turning to be the most wanted