Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Agyness Deyn - brave & beautiful on Tim Walker shoot

Agyness's body language says it all here - she is not at all comfortable!

A tourist shot of  'Kolmanskop ghost town' as it has become known

This is one of the best fashion editorial shoots British Vogue has done for a long time. Featuring the 'White' fashion trend for the summer Tim Walker at his very best captures the White Mischief mood exquisitely. The location Kolmanskop is Namibia's most famous ghost town, and is situated in the Sperrgebiet, (forbidden territory) a few kilometers inland from the port of LuderitzThe town declined after World War I when the diamond-field slowly exhausted and was ultimately abandoned in 1954, since then geographical conditions and high winds have virtually covered the town in sand.
Taking shots of Leopards with a model even if friendly carries some risk - worth it though as these are truly amazing images and relaunches Agnyness Deyn as a sassy professional model. I wonder who turned the idea down though first ?
This months Vogue is one of the most interesting 'fashion shoot' wise I have seen for a while - the cover is a bit bland though - but it is April - Royal Wedding fever time!

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