Saturday, 19 March 2011

Year 2000 Moschino fashion advertising platinum in ID

Giselle year  2000

Whilst having a Spring clean today spurred on by the sun shining and the birds singing! I came across a small cupboard I had not looked in for a wee while - ie 11 years!!! It had recently been revealed after an old computer hard drive was ejected to 'land fill' heaven. To my joy I found some year 2000 magazine gems one cover of which I have on display above...inside I found an Aladdin's cave of excellent top brand advertising, Dior, Gucci and this brilliant Moschino Cheap & Chic campaign mimicking a Barbie outfit pack. There were a whole series of these I recall released at the time and they were fab. This was before the sophisticated photographic post production we have today remember. I particularly want to draw your attention to the 'animal print' spread especially as this is a stable trend now 11 years later in 2011!
There has been a tendency by some to berate the whole Barbie doll thing - well frankly Barbie was my first introduction to aspirational fashion - I never really liked Sindy as much.  Barbie was couture and Sindy was High street. I saved up pocket money for the best out fits, and I made my Barbie clothes in an attempt to make up for not being able to afford more, much in the same way that I aspire to make myself a few frocks now! Barbie accessories could not be made by me - so these were really treasured - Barbie's shoes were like Jimmy Choos to me today.

The 1960s is an influential decade today, never seems to date just be updated.

Barbie accessories today, Chloe/Stella McCartney ?

Vintage Barbies

Who does this remind you of?

Copy Schelay McCarter - please credit

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