Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Tortured Soles exhibition in Frith Street - Thought provoking and clever !

This light hearted exhibition was a feast for the eye and cleverly conceived by Anne Tilby.
Taking the shoe and using it as a canvas to make a statement on politics, and the fashion victimisation of it's form with the evidential use of  the shoe itself in the subjugation of women is long overdue ...

Anne Tilby being interviewed for the Daily Mail
Anne at her exhibition in Frith Street - 

Yanky Dollar - the image inside the show says it all !

Walking on egg shells....right

'Miss Piggy'

Hair today gone tomorrow !

Anne Tilby has a very distinctive style, her take on things always has an unusual and ecclectic visual outcome. Highly sought after as a set designer  for stage and film Anne is well known for thinking outside the box. I really hope that this exhibition does what it has sought to do which is to make people look at the shoe in a different way and question some of the more ridiculous vertiginous styles which are showing no sign of disappearing from the catwalk each season. Women are crippling themselves wearing them and doing untold damage to their feet. This image by Richard Avedon for me sums up what the perfect fashion shoe should be - pretty , sexy and COMFORTABLE enough to dance in !!

Copy and Photography - Schelay McCarter

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