Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Giles Deacon and Phoebe Philo do the Honours at St Martins BA Graduate fashion show 2013 last night

Phoebe Philo handing out awards to Mao Usami who won the L'Oreal Professional Award

Grayson Perry in green arriving before the a rather dashing dress of his own print design 
Central Saint Martins Class of 2013 BA Hons

My iphone was good ! however  to see clearer versions see Vogue's by clicking here...

Vogue formed one small part of the high profile press coverage last night covering the Central St Martins BA Hons Graduate FASHION Degree show. Please remember this was not the MA which is so famous and mentored by Louise Wilson. Her MA prodigy are show cased at London Fashion Week in September each year...and has launched the careers of Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Giles Deacon, Matthew Williamson, Christopher Kane to name but a few!! - 
Last nights show in Central Saint Martins the Cathedral of fashion education was fabulously diverse and extraordinarily sophisticated. An impressive show case for this BA Hons class of 2013 though one step before Louise Wilson's hallowed door.  These students are the next generation of international fashion talent, carefully selected by St Martins - they are the new Generation of conceptual fashion innovators conceptual that one student Carrie Ann Stein used the shape, form and graphics of a stamped 'snail mail' letter as inspiration and paraded her models up and down the runway in various versions of this communication form!
The young designer that stood out for me was Cassandra Verity Green.....a stand out aspect of her show was her quirky gold fish hand bag, her look had a sexy feminine silhouette with the selective use of bright colours and slinky textures.......

Giles Deacon was master of ceremony and Phoebe Philo handed out the awards. A slicker fold up speech by Giles Deacon where he reiterated his afore mentioned admiration for all their hard work and talent would have been nice.... the show ended abruptly without more clapping! ......I have also pondered whether perhaps there could have been more promotion and press for the designers - a possible idea for helping identification would be maybe for the first model from each collection to hold up a flag with the designers name in a generic type face/ brand logo to make it easier for the press to remember their names, especially as the acoustics in the cavernous hall is spongy for microphone users....overall though very impressive and a standard bearer .....

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