Monday, 6 May 2013

Student work - 'Generation Phoenix' editorial shoot Menswear for ID magazine

The Magazine ID cover design - using the the photography taken on my course.
Below is the idea generating process the students with my guidance went through. 

The team after visiting 'Top Man' to select the clothes they wanted to style for the shoot. 

Menswear is very creative and somewhat neglected in fashion. The girls wanted to develop the trend of 'Geek Chic' further but with a political message, making a point about the generation that is picking up the pieces after the banking crisis mess that has effected economic stability in Europe. Hence the name 'Generation Phoenix', literally rising from the ashes with their cup half full not empty !
Photographer choice 1 

Photographer choice 2 

Model choice 1 ( friend of one of the team )

Model choice 2 ( Colin Farrell look alike model, keen to do the shoot as he had very little in his book )

location, crop and pose board

location, crop and pose board

location, crop and pose board

location, crop and pose board

location, crop and pose board

location, crop and pose board

Styling board

The Fashion shoot took place at Granary Road, St Martins using the wide open industrial minimalist space of the new building to give a raw, rough, textured feel to the shoot. 
The girls took it in turns to take the photos themselves, each taking a turn at Art Directing and styling....

The Magazine lay out with the photography and copy design as it would look in ID magazine.
The cover design by the team

The ' I can' 2nd double page spread ...

3rd double page spread with simple lay out to hold the fashion story... 

4th double page spread for the Geek Chic trend.... 

'I choose' caption spread, note the styling on the facing page of this spread....  

Guy Bourdin influence here in the clever 'I can ' layout and the spot light improvisation at the end. The students were advised to develop this idea further and show their work to ID magazine and Top Man.

Copy Schelay McCarter  ( tutor at CSM )


  1. What course do you teach in which the students produced this work? What is the name of it?
    Thanks :)

  2. 'Art direction for fashion' short course evening/weekly holiday courses - CSM London