Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fashion Thought for the Day - Why we copy style icons

The nerdy world of science has explained why we imitate style icons like Kate Moss & David Beckham.
Evolution experts reckons the masses are quick to copy in an effort to satisfy their appetite for change!
We need style icons for ideas - we like to imitate successful people - in the past it was Royals ( with the one exception of Kate Middleton) now it is top of the tree culture idols.
Dr Alex Bently, an anthropologist who has published his study in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour said 'Innovators are the cool ones who 'pump' new fashion into our world.' 'And in a finding that won't surprise many' , he notes ' It's change itself that is in demand - more or less regardless of content.' 
Madonna knows this - staying on top for two decades by constantly changing her image'. She art directs her look using new ideas. David Bowie's genius was based on change and reinvention- refreshing his image in tune with his music. We need change - but maybe not in American Politics ! However choosing Trump could be us choosing 'out with the old in with the new' because we humans are conditioned to want it whether it is good for us or not !

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