Monday, 20 February 2017

HALUMINOUS DNA London Fashion week AW 17/18

The location of the presentation was set up with a shrine made up of candles and flowers reflecting the name of the collection “Floral DNA”, the title of the collection was also shown through the music with lyrics of  “I am a flower but also a human”  sung over deep music. One of  the models starts walking with a lost look and then into a dance as if she was possessed. Models follow acting in the same possessed way as the first.
The designer used a mixture of looks, for instance basic pieces such as jumpers and skirts embroidered with flower designs and frills were also used on shirts and trousers. Hannah Kim demostrated that in fashion, designers can mix different styles within one collection.

The presentation was very intense , this feeling is created through the use of strong colours, performance of the models and the choice of acid folk music.

Thank you to Alejandra Estrada for her copy and photography

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