Wednesday, 21 March 2018

'Modern Parenthood' for Fantastic Man shoot backstage - Student Project @ CSM

The Team - Eleonora Rossi, Sonia Vivo Sarria, Manuel Ridocci, Francesca Masi, Funda Duru, John Alexander

Project planning on Art direction for Fashion CSM Short course.( Schelay's tutorial  notes)

The Team

Creative Director - Schelay McCarter ( Tutor -Art direction for Fashion CSM Short course )
Art Director - Manuel Ridocci
Photographer - Manuel Ridocci ©
Photo Assistant - Sergio Landazuri
Stage set Production - John Alexander Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi
Models - Raul, Yannick & Sergio
Props - John Alexander, Francesca Masi, Funda Duru, Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi

All rights reserved by © Manuel Ridocci and the team

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