Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Student Fashion Art direction Project - Modern Parenthood for Fantastic Man © Manuel Ridocci

Art Directors play a key role in fashion retail promotion design departments and advertising agencies, as well as in brands and retail companies. They are generally responsible for, and leaders of, a group of creatives (Stylists, prop creators, producers, copywriters, designers, photographers, film/ video producers, bookers )
Art Directors have the last word on everything that will be communicated to the customer. They have the skills to understand the needs of customers and are responsible for the recruiting of team members.

Here is a Project completed by a team of students headed by Photographer Manuel Ridocci, he was supported by fellow students to create this shoot from concept to reality.

As course tutor I played role of Creative Director - approving, trouble shooting, overlooking, prompting and supporting the planning and practical outcome. 

Here is Manuel Ridocci's idea, the back stage and the actual shoot will follow in 2 more posts...... 

The Team

Creative Director - Schelay McCarter ( Tutor - Art direction for Fashion CSM Short course )
Art Director - Manuel Ridocci
Photographer - Manuel Ridocci ©
Photo Assistant - Sergio Landazuri
Stage set Production - John Alexander Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi
Models - Raul, Yannick & Sergio
Props - John Alexander, Francesca Masi, Funda Duru, Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi

All rights reserved by © Manuel Ridocci and the team

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