Wednesday, 21 March 2018

'Modern Parenthood' for FANTASTIC MAN - Student shoot Team @ CSM

The Cover

Opening Page

This Shoot entitled 'Modern Parenthood' reflects the zeitgeist of the moment in fashion duality and the natural move towards equality of parenting. Economics dictate that in many cases it is and will be the mothers who bring home more fiscal security over their male partners. The nature of more choices for home workers means that the child care can in many cases fall to the fathers to do depending on the nature of their work. Fashion refects lifestyle choices - we see women adopting suits and male silhouettes - why in that case can't men retain their masculinity and wear skirts - after all the kilt is worn with great style by men in Scotland? Manuel Ridocci's vision is right on trend. Lets see more men wear skirts - so much cooler in the Summer guys ? 

The Team

Creative Director - Schelay McCarter ( Tutor -Art direction for Fashion CSM Short course )
Art Director - Manuel Ridocci
Photographer - Manuel Ridocci ©
Photo Assistant - Sergio Landazuri
Stage set Production - John Alexander Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi
Models - Raul, Yannick & Sergio
Props - John Alexander, Francesca Masi, Funda Duru, Sonia Vivo Sarria, Eleonora Rossi

All rights reserved by © Manuel Ridocci and the team

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