Thursday, 1 April 2010

Fashion show - Middlesex

Thought this second year student Louise styled herself well and should get the 'best dressed award' liked her pink rabbit necklace and pink belt and large hooped earings accessorizing details, the dress Louise tells me she got from an Urban outfitters sale, love the scalloped banding on the front.

This first year collection is called Perplex - 'designed by a group of creatives who pump out one off youthful designs for the unconventional, artistic individual'
I thought it was a well put together collection and with work could be commercial - perhaps a capsule collection concept for a retailer like gap - liked the 80s influence.

This collection is called 'fashion is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength', is a collaboration of the team's favorite outfits individually made out of Calico to display according to them the disposability of fashion now.
By putting their outfits on someone else they aim to portray how everyone seems to be merging into one, with the accessibility of the high street.
I would have like a reference to ethical fashion and how the consumer can make a choice, customization of old outfits into new, or combining both would also have been another interesting way of approaching communicating this message.

Unfortunately I was not given a goody bag for this collection - I liked the interesting shapes created , this upturned umbrella dress is visually great.
A small A5 programme or sheet of paper given to everyone with a sound bite of the each collection would have been a useful.

One of the goody bag designers......

excellent goody bags.....

Thank you Lucy Nicholls (a 2nd year student I met at LFW) for inviting me to the Middlesex University FDSP show. I enjoyed watching the students work and was very impressed.
It was really well organized, there was a great atmosphere of anticipation in the front row before the show.

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