Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Twiggy on Film...

Did you know that Twiggy (aca real name Lesley Hornby) stared in a Ken Russell movie based on a musical by Sandy Wilson called The Boy Friend in the 1971? During this time anything 1920s was derigueur. If one looks back at the fashions and hair of the time there was a boyish androgyny typical of the 1920s flat chested flapper style fashion premiered in the 1920s decade post the first world war, think Biba, Mary Quant and Ossie Clark. Twiggy looked exquisite in the film - the sets and costumes were inspirational, and it has a cult status now rather like Blow - up.

The music written by Sandy Wilson has simple catchy melodies.
The boy Friend is a tongue in cheek pastiche of the 1920's and is one of the most performed amateur dramatics musicals apparently.It was recently performed in the open air theatre in Regents park London with Ruthie Henshaw, getting rave revues. The fact that a simple band can perform the songs and that it is an innocent comedy with a love story attached with parts for a range of age groups and talents makes it very popular.

The film and CD can be found on Amazon.

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