Thursday, 23 September 2010

Haunch of Venison - London gallery

The dogs move round on a conveyer and smash against each other!

Loved this piano  ! 

On Tuesday inbetween fashion shows I met a friend of mine at the 'Haunch of Venison' Gallery in London behind the Royal Academy in 6 Burlington Gardens. 
I was blown away by the diversity of talent revealed by one artist. Joana Vasconcelos a Portuguese artist has been much talked about because of her more controversial work where she recycles dead birds and stuffs them ( death by natural causes totally I am assured) to create art. I didn't realise how prolific and extraordinary an artist she is.

Her first work called A Noiva (the bride)  challenged a taboo in that it took the form of a chandelier made from around 25,000 tampons! Typical of her work these unglamorous objects belie the sculptures grand structure, like the chandelier made of old bottles above.

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