Sunday, 12 September 2010

New face - Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall has arrived as a potential fashion icon! She is bright and British and daughter of Sir Peter Hall. She has not made the cover of Vogue yet but my prediction is that she will before too long if these photos are any thing to go by. Rebecca has been in two of my two favorite films 'Starter for Ten' with James McAvoy and Vicki Christina Barcelona. Her beauty is not an obvious one however her intelligence really shines through and there is a hint of the girl next door quality.
If I was creative director of Burberry or any of the high profile brands I would be clamoring to get her to represent the brand. Rebecca in these two wonderful photographs taken for British Vogue this Month by Daniel Jackson has a unique quality that stopped me in my tracks - having leafed through the whole magazine in intense detail looking at all the recent brand campaigns and editorial shoots this one small article really jumped out. There is a 1970s Talitha Getty feel about the shots that I really like. I wonder if it was shot on film or digital?
I realize that there will always be demand for the beautiful Bardot like models like Lara Stone but some are so young that they don't know how to connect and communicate through the lens.
I notice that Alice Dellal's edgy but beautiful look is much in demand at the moment 
(09/02/2012)  and since I wrote this post the Hepburn like Arizona Muse has risen in profile.
It is not a surprise Rebecca Hall is so photogenic, she is a superb actress however surprisingly until now hadn't projected quite this same quality onto photographic stills. 
It may be that she is not interested in going the same way of other actresses who promote fashion. Kate Winslet her current Amore Sam Mende's ex wife has been high profile in this area which may explain why?