Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cameron Diaz has got the 'want to be' style factor

I love this look on Cameron Diaz, worn this week at the Dior show in Paris 
Cameron at Valentino show in Paris yesterday, I love her short bob, and the cream/white dress perfect for her.


Cameron Diaz is an underestimated style icon or so I thought until recently. She has been spotted at the Versace and Dior show collections this week. Like many of her fellow Hollywood actors she realises that there are lucrative advertising projects in the world of fashion and to be seen is important. The sale of cream 'anything' fashion wise went up after she wore it (alot) in The Holiday ( a Classic Xmas film) I remember buying a cream wool coat from Next after seeing her looking so fab in the colour. It has a wonderful less is more purity worn in the Winter. She wanted fun and she certainly fulfilled many a single woman's secret wish with her antics. The holiday is one of my favourite films and I know I am not alone amongst many of my friends -   I love the clip of her dancing to 'The Killers' - let's face it girls haven't we all done this? well if not give it a go, it will make you feel better.

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