Sunday, 29 January 2012

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PLASTIK on news Stands now - Congratulations Beyond Production
Image courtesy of Vogue
You may well ask why I have posted this image of some of the McCartney clan and friends applauding? Creative Director of PLASTIK magazine Eli Rezkallah has astutely achieved the ultimate aim of all good Creative Director's and that is creating a fashion story that makes the clothes look fabulous as well as being arresting and provoking debate. To get noticed is essential, fashion if used cleverly can impart issues in a non threatening way. 
I think the McCartneys will see this Kitch fashion editorial story as a dig at the love/ hate/nurture/slaughter relationship we have with animals.....After all it was McCartney who wrote 'Mary had a Little Lamb' for Stella who had a pet lamb when a child, this allegedly provoked the whole family to stop eating lamb.
You may look at these images and interpret them in a different way - that is what commercial imagery with a feel of art is all about......

Photographer: Erick Le Strange
Creative Director: Eli Rezkallah
Fashion Editor: Ryan Houssari
Model: Georgina Howard (Models 1)
The Editorial is called' Mary had a Little Cow'

A Powerful image

To see more on this fashion story and the team involved please view my previous post this month.

Photography Erik LeStrange for PLASTIK mag out now globally.

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  1. Hi Schelay. I came on your Art Direction course in the summer at St Martins and have been following your blog since! Infact, I'm applying to the BA Hons in Creative Direction for Fashion at LCF and was wondering if you would give me any advice on interview and what to include in my portfolio?
    Ellie X