Friday, 3 February 2012

Marks & Spencer 'Duchess of Windsor' Collection

A scan of one page from my M&S visual diary, where I kept a record of my work schedule and the teams I worked with.
Here you can see different poses being tried out, eg sitting, standing, alternative crops depending on end usage requirements.

When I was Senior Art Director/designer on Lingerie for Marks and Spencer I kept a visual diary of all the branding projects and departmental promotions I worked on. These Polaroid's were my working tool for composition, cropping, lighting and styling. Most people threw them away after a shoot but I liked to keep them. Please note the film was 6x7 Ektacrome the largest format so that the negatives could be blown up and printed to human size scale for stores in the various department areas. Selected images were also released to the Press office and used in Magazines and News Papers if required. This Spring Summer Nightwear promotion was based on the style influence of Mrs Simpson the Duchess of Windsor. The Location was High Canons in Hertfordshire UK. I had been pushing to shoot Nightwear outside for a while, the 'inside outside' or lingerie as outerwear trend growing in importance at that time. Marks & Spencer was leading this trend. Using locations with balconies and verandas were a good compromise and effective aspirational lifestyle leisure pointers. Believe it or not it was a red letter day gaining back up to shoot Nighwear on a lawn! The Senior buyers liked this shoot so much it paved the way for a trip to South Carolina and the use of the large Colonial Cotton Plantation houses with their wonderful verandas. The subsequent shoot in Charlston and Beaufort  South Carolina was for 'all stores' across all fashion departments, Ladieswear, Menswear and Childrenswear. 

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