Saturday, 18 February 2012

Issa London A/W 12 LFW - Daniella Helayal homage to Catherine Windsor

The coveted Issa London show invite which arrived this morning.

Coat - Duchess of Cambridge inspired?

Classic Issa London jersey dress, a body clinging staple silhouette for the South American heritage designer brand
sweet fur trim 
Knitted Cape, styled with legging looks good.  

Russian Doll print
Emerald green print loose cape top and matching leggings, a relaxed and comfortable look  

We British have been attracted to South America's 'hot' colouful culture since Mario Testino recreated his native Peruvian 'look of money' in the late 1990s for Vogue editorials and brands such as Gucci and YSL, culminating with an exhibition of his work in the National Portrait Gallery. South America seemed very exotic then and now, carefree in comparison with cold, repressed England. However weird it may seem England is attractive to South Americans! - human nature craves what it is not familiar with - the unfamiliar seems cool and interesting.
I have been mapping Daniella Helayel's rise in the London fashion pecking order for four seasons now. I interviewed her for an issue of revista B magazine this time last year. She was enjoying the patronage of a certain Miss Catherine Middleton at the time - her colourful and demure figure hugging jersey dresses looked great on Kate and helped her bag her Prince perhaps.
This recent A/W 2012 collection though taking inspiration from the rich and colourful textile and style heritage of Russia also pays homage to Kate in the form of two distinct pieces, a navy blue dress coat and the long emerald green evening gown. Modelled by kate look alikes this reference is hard to miss!  Catherine was a powerful fashion icon before her marriage into the Royal family,  now she is a Windsor 'stratospherically' significant, currently 'the' most important fashion icon in the world today. 
Using print is nothing new for Issa London. It has always played an important role in defining Issa London's brands' DNA. Like a Basso and Brooke print an Issa London print is a clear trademark and adds cache. Another bold and very wearable collection from Issa London this season which is bound to do very well commercially.

Copy Schelay McCarter  

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