Monday, 6 February 2012

New Trend - The Celebrity Kiddle ( Couple)

Stella and daughter in coordinating outfit - note the shoes

Being a Kiddle is more than the child being a fashion accessory! - it indicates closeness and nurture, maybe different when you are part of brand Beckham!

A close kiddle tendency here with Katie and Suri

mother and child a style unit matching colour again

Amber Valetta and son both in decorative trim jackets.
Claudia and daughter in matching red 
Claudia and daughter in matching taupe

Liz and Damian matching colours

White trouser match here
Coordinated styling - almost like Damian is her consort

Sweet matching jackets for Gwen and son
red popular for kiddles, confident and matching
Note Gavin and son in jeans kiddle, Gwen and Gavin Koople

Gwyneth and daughter in matching dresses

A rare image of Madonna matching her offspring

The celebrity Kiddle ( a style co-ordinated Mother/Dad and child couple ) is a definite trend at the moment. In the visually literate world we live in mothers have become more confident about styling themselves as a unit with their children - It tends to be with their children under the age of 12. What it signifies I will ponder in depth later, but one thing is for sure Victoria Beckham, Liz Hurley, Gwen Stephanie, and Katie Holmes like to do it regularly with their off spring. Madonna, doe it rarely now as her daughter is older and has independent style preferences maybe . Stella McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Schiffer have been known to do it once in a while and when they do it looks great. 
To see more of the kiddle trend from ordinary mums check this link ...

The Kiddle trend could reflect the growing trend of division bluring of fashion across age groups and indicate closeness and nurture as well as creating a visually protective mechanism of camouflage as seen when the colours worn are the same, maybe saying this child is mine, is wearing 'my team' style, we are a tight unit. 
It will be interesting to see how Kate Middleton dresses her Royal off spring when they arrive. My prediction is that she and William will start a family soon and there will be an announcement this year.

what do you think?

Words by Schelay McCarter

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