Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sophia Coppola - Marni and H&M launch Film


Following the success of the uber cool Versace and Lanvin fashion promotion films, friend of Marc Jacobs, and all round talented film director Sophia Coppola has endorsed the integrity of big name brands launching democratic collections for the proletariat High Street by directing the new Marni H&M fashion film. The model looks remarkably like Coppola herself who openly admits that her inspiration came for staying in the very same location with friends. Sophia is a perfect fashion muse for the brand.  Clearly the Art director wished the narcissistic connection with Coppola herself in the same way that Donatella Versace took a lead role in the Versace H&M film ( reviewed on a previous post.) These collaborations are a clever marketing strategy as it boosts H&M's cache as well as bringing awareness of the Marni brand into a new customer orbit that may decide to splash out on the real thing at some stage. The buzz created also attracts new customers into H&M that otherwise would not choose to shop there. Whilst Zara copies, H&M collaberates and respects the design ethos of the brand. It tends to work with high end brands that are suffering a slight dip and need a boost - a win win situation for all involved.

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