Sunday, 5 February 2012

London Winter Snow Style -

Really like the big tracker hat and bright fur trimmed ski jacket
Two stylish young ladies, love the fur head band and matching cream knit hat and scarf

This long coat works as part of a well coordinated outfit - like the patterned bag.

Hackett bright knit scarf, like the hat too 

Twins in super Nordic style knits - 

fab chunky knit scarf

Kiddle power - mix and match pattern, colour and texture - like mum's green check trousers and the girls look great in their plaids and Nordic knits

stylish Kiddle - Like all the Nordic knits here, particularly the scarf 

Wow! layering up here she is warm and the long coat looks good

Stylish Kiddle - Like the layering on this stylish lady, can't see it here but a Mulberry bag is over her shoulder - 
           Stylish Kiddle - Chic in the London snow wearing navy and stripes - who said this was only for Summer and Sailing? 

Stylish family, cool combat trousers on Dad and a sweet Dalmatian hat on daughter, like mums coat and fluffy wool scarf.
Two dogs having fun in the snow - note the red scarf!
Pattern and bold colours look so great on kids, 

London Alps here we come !!

Funky pattern boots  on these well coordinated  young ladies

A stylish young lady, no bobble hats for her....

Red and black style looks strong
Fake fur lined Top Shop coat and Hunters wellies again look great here

Like the big military style coat and chunky scarf
Cool lads in Tracker plaid jacket, Belstaff leather Jacket and the Parker coat

Note Hunters again - Super duffle style coat with hat and matching textured scarf

Kiddle - Mother and daughter look good together in matching red

Hunters boots seen often, I like the fur detail on these and love the dogs coat.
Dogs were wrapped up warm - 
Funky patterned boots and another Dalmatian spot hat..
Fur tracker hats very popular

No Ski lift !

London is a magical place at the Weekend when we are lucky enough to have snow and not have to catch trains or race off on the school run in our cars! When it happens we head out with dogs and children in tow, grabbing the nearest warm item of clothing, or so I thought....!
Judging by the multitude of stylish families and dogs I met when out a few hours ago armed with my camera and in my own white fur hat ( Russian) we Londoners know how to look good and keep warm. 
Kiddle Trend
It was great to see how many mums had coordinated themselves with their kids like the 'Kooples brand'  'Kiddle' could describe it -  just made up this word! - you heard it first here on fashiontent. So if you are a  'Kiddle' you dress your kid's to match your look ! or a Kiddle is a Mum/Dad and child/s coordinating couple - 
The dictionary definition of Kiddle is an 'old fashioned fishing net' so perfect to describe a style union of mother and child, also the play on the word 'cuddle' is appropriate

I had better patent it now! 

Photos and copy Schelay McCarter - pls credit

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