Thursday, 26 February 2015

Dora Abodi collection AW15 Day 5 LFW

I liked the knit detail on the hat hoodie here.

Layering and deconstructed exaggerated styling details work here on this coat

Dora Abodi - Cult of the twin Unisus,  the inspiration for her innovative collection.

Thank you to Trace PR for inviting me to see this unique and innovative collection created by Milan based designer Dora Abodi.
According to the press release Dora Abodi's signature style can be defined as baroque futurism. Fusing past and future classical arts and religious rituals with high technology. Encapsulating the meeting of two different cultures, the ancient world of opulence mixed with the futuristic world of rigid robotic technology. Dora Abodi has been featured by Italian Vogue. Lady Gaga has worn pieces of her work in the past and I can see why! Dora Abodi challenges convention in many of her pieces, layering contrasting fabric textures, employing exaggerated styling details such as oversize collar. Reinvention in fashion is a hard task, creating clothes that work on the body and that people want to wear is even harder.

Copy and photography© Schelay McCarter