Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Jamie Wei Huang, NYMPHOMANIAC Collection - Day 1 LFW AW15

©photography Schelay McCarter

These following catwalk photographs were taken for fashiontent by Tarmo © Tarmo

Fashiontent was thrilled to be invited to see Jamie Wei Huang's Autumn winter 15 collection in Freemasons Hall Covent Garden on the first day of London fashion Week.
London is where designers gain important press coverage and exposure across all the various digital mediums available. London has always attracted international press scrutiny because London encourages and accepts creative expression fostering freedom to challenge the establishment and generally if possible cause as much harmless controversy as possible. An interest in experimentation with shape and form and innovative techniques has made London an essential forum for launching new ideas. 

Jamie Wei Huang went to Central Saint Martins and studied under Louise Wilson. She is one of a new talented group of Chinese designers choosing London to express fashion freedom of expression. According to the press release this collection sets aside societies expectations of women and emphasises their buried desires and fantasies with elegance and subtlety. 
Nymphomaniac uses metaphors to unravel the struggles the main character experienced while contradicting societies view points on love, sex and pain. Eventually coming to peace with her unconscious and embracing her true being. 

Chinese women outside China have a voice that is gaining in confidence. Jamie is part of this empowered generation of Chinese women who respect their cultural heritage however want to express themselves in ways that their mothers would not have had the courage to do. There is an excellent book called The Good Women of China Hidden voices by Xinran that gives an insight to the world of Chinese women in past and current day China.
I enjoyed Jamie's collection, it has depth, is very wearable, it show cases new ideas and was true to Jamie's quest of seeing fashion as an art form.

Copy ©Schelay McCarter 
Photography © Tarmo - please credit.

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