Thursday, 11 February 2010

Editorial fashion shoot based on a current fashion trend

Here is a small selection of some of the great ideas generated by my students in week 4 and 5

Roger Dekker's work below, showing that he can do the Military city trend shoot idea described below

1. Idea based on Modern Military. The concept called Urban Assault to be shot in a city such as New York or London even cape town city if sun wanted. The model dressed in this look is going about her daily business walking her 3 dogs , taking the kids to school, shopping, the styling is exaggerated in that if she carries shopping bags they are big and boxed with top brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney, (designers who have gone big on this trend) The background extras in the shoot are wearing black so they merge into the background making the model stand out. she is glamourous, sexy capable and strong, and good at juggling her life. Photographer Roger Dekker

2. Based on Fairy tale frocks trend the shoot is called Candy Floss. Based on three girl friends day on an english beach in Suffolk or Norfolk whilst they generally hang out and have fun. The weather dry but dosn't have to be perfect, wind and elements good. The models are volumptuous , Lara stone being an inspiration or bardot. Photographer Pierre del Corso

3. Idea based on Something Wild tribal themed trend. Inspiration Idina Sackville' s story told in the book the Bolter by Frances Osbourne, a very good read. Location the Powell Cotton museum in Kent
Photographers Corrine Day or Tim Walker, stylist Cathy Edwards from dazed and confused.

4. Idea for Raw Power hessian and Linen tailoring. Shoot to take place in Vizcaya House in Miami, Photographers Camilla Akrans or Marcus Piggott

The brief was to work in teams of two and devise a commercially viable fashion shoot based on one of the following trends:
Candy Floss -ice cream shades on floaty fabrics, glamourous and sexy -
The New Wave -body con trend, high tech fabrics, neon shades and black,
Fairytale Frocks -Frilly, and frothy feminine dresses in pastels
Modern Military - combat gear with a feminine edge
Something Wild - animal prints, batiks, tribal influences
Bold Graphic prints -patterns that demand attention
Spring Bling - Glitz with elegance and glamour, chic not showy
Raw Power - Hessian and Linen neutral shaded rough edged unfinished styled tailoring

Aim : to experience brainstorming a creative idea in a team. Considering the story and the woman this concept will appeal to, a 'want to be and buy' story.
Giving the shoot a name that describes the trend and the story being created to sell the trend.
Creating the idea/story with a location choice, models, choice of two photographers, hair and make up, styling and merchandise.

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