Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Proactive Fashion Art direction Project CSM student

I want to share with you an editorial fashion shoot project one of my students has initiated with my encouragement after spending a week studying art direction for Fashion last summer with me.

She produced an excellent final project and I suggested she take her ideas further and to my delight she has!

Here is her idea .......

The Wasteland

In a society governed by consumerism, the old is left to ruin in a vast Wasteland. Abandoned by this cruel new world, three young girls mourn their exile, as they turn rags to riches and discover beauty in a land of discarded treasure.

by Rachel Neely

She said...

'All the clothes are handmade from waste fabrics - some burlap sacking, a cotton dustsheet and some polythene packaging. Likewise I did all the hair and makeup, was a really fun day, and all my friends doing the modelling really enjoyed it. Only wish I had had more time to make a bigger selection of clothes and some studio lights!!! Had to make do with the overhead lighting in the Warehouse and a reflector.'

I think this is a great idea of Rachel's and to have devised the idea, found the location, designed and created her own clothes for this shoot, styled her friends in look also hair and make - up as well as art directing and taking the photographs is to be applauded. The result is very impressive and will be have been excellent practice for her. She is hoping to get an internship at Vogue next year. I look forward to hearing how she gets on.

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